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Krystal C.

I am drawn to massage therapy with the knowledge that our body has an inherent ability to heal itself. And as your therapist, I am here to provide you with a secure space and healing touch so to facilitate your body’s ability for deep relaxation and self-healing. As a yoga instructor and energy practitioner since 2012, I’ve witnessed and felt the beauty of bodywork. By settling into our bodies, we are more able to tap into our internal resources of relaxation and healing that we all hold. Many studies show that, our abilities to relax in our bodies and relieve pain mentally and physically are supported with massage therapy.

As we already know, feeling more positive and settled in our body doesn’t absolve us of life’s hardships, but it does support us in our overall health and wellbeing. Thus gifting us greater ability to respond appropriately and resiliently through difficult times, so we can live as our best and most authentic selves; Supporting us in creating the lives we want!

In my massage technique, I integrate breathing techniques, myofascial, trigger point, stretching, energy work and deep-tissue focus to expand space in your mind, and body. These therapies all increase blood flow and relaxation, thus increasing the body’s flexibility, resilience and internal resources of healing. I enjoy working therapeutically as well as for relaxation, and you’ll find my work is a combination of the two.

I received my schooling through the Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY; Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks in Pottstown, PA; and Hypnotherapy One in Spokane, WA.

Apart from my love of bodywork, I am also a Hypnotherapist, herbalism student, spiritual human, bookworm, and avid meditator. I’m looking forward to meeting and facilitating healing space with you!

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