Comfort and Joy Massage

Comfort and Joy Massage

Comfort and Joy Massage

Comfort….and joy….

So you’ve scheduled a massage and looking forward to it with great anticipation. What could be better than a massage? I’m glad you asked. My answer would be a thoughtful massage. Thoughtful on the part of the therapist certainly but also thoughtful on the part of the client. Making decisions to ensure expectations are met in a comfortable setting will get the most joy out of a massage session.

The best massages are those that the client participates in before, during, and after. Before the massage, think about your goals for the session. Do you want to work on a specific physical ailment–a sore neck, tight hamstrings? Are you looking for stress relief–a counterpoint to a demanding time? Are you celebrating something or sharing a meaningful experience with someone else? Focusing on these things, will put you in a great mindset to get the most out of the session.

Also before you book an appointment, think about what type of session you’d like–how long and what enhancements are available that may help you fulfill your goals. It is also very important to be comfortable with the setting, the process, and the therapist. Match the venue with the experience you’d like to have. Check out websites, pictures, and reviews. You should be comfortable with the look of a place, it’s philosophy, and it’s amenities. Ask questions about the actual procedure or anything that needs to be clarified about the process. Look for bios, experience, and reviews when choosing a therapist. Mutual comfort between therapist and client is crucial for a positive experience. So don’t be afraid to ask questions or express preferences.

Your comfort is paramount during the entire session as well. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have. Request temperature, scent, music, and pressure preferences. Speak up if you are uncomfortable with any technique or indeed anything about your session. Any good therapist would welcome these comments.

After the session, check in with your therapist to make sure the session goals were accomplished and to make notes relevant to a future session or follow up care.

Massages don’t come along every day. They require time and resources. All the more reason to make choices that ensure your comfort so that you can best experience the joy of the benefits of this therapy.

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