Message For Troubled Times

Message For Troubled Times

Message For Troubled Times

20 years ago, I opened a business and immediately knew I wanted to call it Sanctuary and to make it one. I knew that the healing work I felt called to do had to be done in a safe, open, and inviting space for every body who walked through the door. By providing a refuge from a stressful world, real and positive changes can occur. I’ve been privileged to see it happen.

The world has changed so much in 20 years but our commitment to inclusion and acceptance remain a cornerstone of our work. It would be easy to think our influence should remain here. Recent events have brought into sharp focus that the world is not a safe and inviting space for us all and we are compelled to find our role in healing that which divides us.

I stand in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and those that speak out against hatred and bigotry. There is no place for racism and intolerance in the healing world and no place in our community. I add my voice to call for positive change and commit to that which can help bring it about.

We have begun work to sponsor an outreach program working in black communities to bring Sanctuary massage to those in need.

We have also committed to funding a scholarship for people of color to provide the opportunity to attend a massage therapy certification program and participate in this positive and inclusive vocation.

We support the Loveland Foundation in its commitment to supporting Black women and girls with their healing initiatives.

Here are some organizations that are dedicated to fighting for social equality and justice:

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