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Our Treatments

Your treatment experience will be tailored to your needs. Pick and choose your experience, combine treatments, or customize the session time. We are improvisationally based and willing to work with your treatment wishes. You and your massage therapist can decide which type of treatment, massage style ( from energy work to deep tissue), and aromatherapy would best meet your current needs.

For a complete list of our treatments and pricing please visit our book appointment page.

The Classic

Therapeutic Massage

Relax & renew during your customized bodywork session with a variety of massage styles & aromatherapy

60 min      75 min     90 min
2 hour ultimate massage  

Powerful Energies

Hot Stone Integrated

Sink into our classic or ultimate therapeutic massage enhanced by the powerful energies of our hot stones. The best of both worlds!

75 minutes      90 minutes

A Long Standing Favorite

Couples Massage

Relax & reconnect with a side-by-side customized therapeutic massage with aromatherapy. A unique experience!*

60min      75min     90min

Foot Focus for Couples
  • A revitalizing massage infused with CBD oil accompanied by a stimulating foot scrub with hot towels
More options for Couples Massage
  • Continue the good feeling with a warm and moisturizing paraffin dip for sore muscles & joints in your hands & feet.
  • Add A Customized Face Treatment featuring seasonal scents and a variety of ingredients for different skin types
Intense Body Therapy

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage and Warming Wrap

Our highly acclaimed deep tissue therapeutic massage combines with a warming body wrap and augmented with CBD infused massage oils and ointments providing revolutionary pain relief to deep muscle and joint pain. CBD oil (from the hemp plant) increases blood flow to joints and muscles and interrupts pain signals to give rapid and long lasting pain relief. Our most intense muscle/joint relief therapy!

120 min

Special Focus

Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic massage addressing the specific needs of our expectant clients

60 min      75 min      90 min

All Are Welcome

Zen Kid

Therapeutic Experiences for Our Guests Under 12

Happy Body Massage 45 min

Ancient Techniques

Cupping Massage Therapy

Massage enhanced by cupping tools for a profound and comfortable deep tissue experience.


Infused Oil for our most intense pain relief


CBD oil (from the hemp plant) increases blood flow to joints and muscles and interrupts pain signals to give rapid and long lasting pain relief. Our most intense muscle/joint relief therapy!


Timeless Massage for Our Senior Clients


Add Ons

to any 1 hour+ treatment

Relaxing/Moisturizing Face Massage/with mask
Foot Focused Treatment: 20min

Warm & Moisturizing

Paraffin Dip

feet or hands
feet and hands
Couples feet or hands
Couples feet and hands

Mineral Rich

Mud Therapy

using pure mineral rich Dead Sea mud

increase circulation, reduce puffiness, remove impurities & improve skin appearance for back, feet, and face

Better Times Ahead Aromatherapy


          Energized and Focused


          Connection and Relief
Marjoram, Thyme, Mint


          Soothing and Detoxifying
Calendula, Lemon, Celery

Deep Breath:

          Invigorating and Clarifying
Eucalyptus, Cardamom, Lavender


          Positivity and Hope
Nutmeg, Rosemary, Lavender, Bergamot


Many of these scents can be mixed to your taste so book your therapeutic treatment at Sanctuary and customize your aromatherapy experience!

We Come To You


We’ll bring the table, linen, oil, and our careful, customized therapeutic massage to you.

60min.  •  90 min.  •  120min.*

*prices reflect destinations to Center City and immediate neighborhoods. A travel fee may be charged for more distant locations.

Book two (or more) massages for a visit and we’ll charge regular menu prices for them for great savings!

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